Destroyer of Worlds



Str: 18
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 8

HP : /
Damage Reduction: -2
Initiative : +2
AC : 18 (16 Raging)
Touch ac : 12, flatfooted : 16

-Fort : 9
-Ref : 4
-Will : 5

Bab : 8

Cmb : 12
Cmd : 24

Large Greatsword:
-Normal Hit: D20+10 → 3D6+6
-Power Attack + Vital Strike: D20 + 8 → 6D+12
-Power Attack + Vital Strike + Furious Focus: D20 10 → 6D12
-Normal Hit: D20 + 12 → 3D6+9
-Power Attack + Vital Strike: D20 + 10 → 6D6+15
-Power Attack + Vital Strike + Furious Focus: D20 + 12 → 6D6+15
-Powerfull Blow + Power Attack + Vital Strike + Furious Focus: D20 + 12 → 6D6+18

-Power Attack
-Furious Focus
-Vital Strike
-Extra Rage Power: Gaurded Life
-Iron Will

Rage Powers:
-Powerfull Blow
-Roused Anger
-Increased DR
-Greater Gaurded Life

-Grappling Hook
-Silk rope (50ft)


Okodim was raised in a tribe of ruthless barbarians and always had to fight for his rightufull place among them. Being the son of the chieftain he had to excell even harder than the other children in combat, allot was expected of him. One day their village was attacked by a dragon and while seeing the bravest and strongest of the tribe fall to the overwhelming power of the vile beast he was forced to retreat with his father the chieftain “Darodim”. They tried but did not succeed, the dragon was hungry for revenge because Darodim killed her dragon welp a few days before. Darodim ordered Okodim to run ahead so that he could catch up to him, but first he would buy his son a little bit of time. Darodim turned around facing the dragon and released a terrifying howl after wich he yelled “FOR DEATH AND GLORY” finally he ran headfirst into the dragon. This was the last thing Okodim ever saw of his father and while running for his life he vowed to himself to create his own barbarian tribe after seeing the world.

And so he arrived in Korvosa after a week of travel. There he met a group of people, who he decided to help kill some filthy old bastard. Long story short Okodim met his match; a giant crocodile by the name of gobblegut. After getting his arm ripped off the crocodile swollowed him whole but little did Gobblegut know Okodim could not yet die there. While inside the crocodile Okodim entered a whole new stage of rage. He felt trapped in his own body but without controll over it. Suddenly a second voice inside his head spoke: “I’m taking over Okodim my name is Khorne and I shall help you defeat the toughest of enemy’s, FOR THE BLOODGOD” Next thing he knew he stould over the dead crocodile, never had he seen such carnage. The crocodile’s body completely destroyed and maimed.

Now he had a new goal in life: Become known as the strongest barbarian alive, and he would kill anything or anyone standing in his way. So he started travelling through the shackless where he had heard allot of mythical creatures lived soon he learned of the Maiden’s Promise and their impressive victory’s over legends. He now searches for them wanting to join them in his persuit to become, the strongest.


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