Drovic Harrigan

Master interrogator


Half-drow (half-elf) knifemaster(3 lvls)/dervish dancer(5 lvls):


Str: 12
Dex: 20
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 8
Cha: 14

Ac: 19 Touch ac: 17 Flat fooded: 14

Fortitude save: 4
Reflex save: 12
Will save: 3

BaB: 10

Cmb: 6
Cmd: 21

Armor: leather

Weapons: 2kukri’s, 4daggers

kukri’s: 10/8 (12/10when performing)
1d4+1/ 1d4 + 0 (when performing: 1d4+3 / 1d4+2)
- sneak attack 1d4+1 + 2d8/ 1d4 + 2d8

lvl 0 spells: – Dancing lights
– Mage hand
– Flare
– Read magic
– Whisper message
– Open close

lvl 1 spells: – Charm person
– Cure light wounds
– Grease
– Expeditious retreat

lvl 2 spells: – Cat’s grace
– Pyrotechnics
– Invisibility

Bardic performance : 12/day


- Thoughness
- Dodge
- Two-weapon fighting
- TW-weapon defence
- Finesse rogue (weapon finesse)
- Sneak attack
- Skill focus
- Blade sense ( +1 ac if attacked by light blades)
- Trapfinding


Ilvaria (Drovic’s mother) and Barnabas had a brief and passionate relationship together when Barnabas was young and making name for himself.
Ilvaria got pregnant by him, and Barnabas left her.

When Drovic was born, every drow had difficulties accepting him as a member.
He was scarred for life and banished when he was still a child.

Drovic was raised by a couple who were performers, it was with them where he combined the dancing of his new mom with the knife mastery of his new founded dad.

Many years later Barnabas was in town and payed his son a visit, killing both the foster parents and leaving Drovic for dead.

Drovic now seeks revenge and will use any means necessary to find and kill Barnabas Harrigan

Drovic Harrigan

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